Welcome, W.E.W Cosmetics community, to our first official blog! 

W.E.W Cosmetics is dedicated to bringing together women of all kinds, creating a safe, supportive, empowering environment. In our attempt to create such an environment, we believe in creating more than a cosmetics experience that is powered by clean, mind-body aligning ingredients to help align with our highest selves. We are dedicated to creating an interpersonal experience where women can come together and feel seen, safe, heard, supported, and leave feeling empowered.

Founding CEO Liz Watson created W.E.W Cosmetics, intending to make an experience centered around encouraging women’s empowerment. She hopes to bring awareness to the importance of connection, support among women, and the power that can be created from a supportive social community.

Shaped by her personal experiences facing discrimination in the workforce, from both men and women, Liz became dedicated to creating a community centered around the exact opposite of her experiences. “Experiencing discrimination was discouraging; however, I have also been on the other side. I have felt unconditional support and acceptance from other women, and those experiences made me realize what I wanted other women to be able to experience and the community I wanted to create. That’s when the concept of W.E.W cosmetics came together. It’s beautiful when women come together, respect each other, and in return empower one another with acts of unconditional support and acceptance. Great things happen when we come together and genuinely wish each other well. Women are so strong, and it’s hard to embody that concept when we live in a society that suppresses the women’s experience as a whole. When us women believe in ourselves and our fullest capabilities, we are more than enough to perform these predominantly male roles and achieve our dreams while honoring our femininity and feeling beautiful from the inside out.”

Follow along for blogs centered around the authentic women’s experience. Please like, comment, share, and let us know what you want to see on the blog! As we create this community, feedback is essential. Your voice, thoughts, and beliefs matter, and we would love to hear them! Submit any blog ideas/requests via email to wewcosmetics@gmail.com



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