W.E.W Cosmetics is hitting it hard this Fall season. To celebrate the transition from summer to fall, CEO Liz Watson wanted to start the season with a party and the launching of a new collection! W.E.W Cosmetics Fall Collection will be available Friday, October 1, 2021. The Fall Collection will feature 4 new matte lipstick shades, perfect for fall vibes. Starting on September 28th at 4:00 PM, a shade a day will be revealed via Instagram. The collection’s final shade will be released on the collection’s official launch date (October 1st, 2021).

In honor of launching our Fall Collection, we are excited to announce we will be doing our first official giveaway! The giveaway information will be released October 1st on Instagram. Turn on our post notifications so you don’t miss out!


On Friday, September 24th W.E.W Cosmetics held its official launch party and Sip n’ Shop! W.E.W Cosmetics are so grateful and appreciative of everyone that was able to make it to this event. The Sip n’ Shop was a casual gathering with music, dancing, mingling, drinks and snacks. What could make it any better? A sampling and shopping booth! CEO Liz Watson & Tania Hernandez ran the booth, featuring W.E.W’s Original Collection, Original Gloss Collection, and early-bird access to the new Fall Collection.


We want to give a huge thank you to everyone that made it to W.E.W’s Launch Party where CEO Liz Watson hosted the company’s first official Sip n’ Shop. Thank you Ana Gabriela Herrera for allowing W.E.W Cosmetics to host the party at your beautiful home. We would also like to give a big thank you to Tania Hernandez for helping Liz during the party at the booth. The Sip n’ Shop consisted of music, dancing, pictures, mingling, drinks, yummy snacks, beautiful deserts, and a booth for sales and sampling! We had the honor of having photographer Jeanette Reynoso (http://jeanphoto.zenfolio.com) capture the party’s moments, and take photos of empowered women and their new lippies.



Liz provided products from the Original Collection, Original Gloss Collection, and provided early-bird access to the Fall Collection. To show W.E.W’s appreciation for those that came to the party and purchased something, W.E.W put together a raffle prize. The prize was two customized wine glasses with the W.E.W logo on them and two bottles of wine in a tan basket! We want to thank Karina from Vive Tu Vida Co  (www.vivetuvidaco.com) for creating these customized wine glasses.



The winner of the raffle was: Marisol Ortiz! Thank you Marisol for all of your support and love for W.E.W Cosmetics, we hope you are enjoying your prize. We would also like to thank David and Suzette McAuley for donating the wine bottles used in the raffle.

Liz’s goal for this party was to begin putting a face to the name of the community she is creating of strong, empowered women coming together. Her hopes with this party were to begin deepening the interpersonal relationships between the community and create familiarity among everyone. W.E.W Cosmetics is so thankful for everyone who has supported us so far, and can’t wait to see this community continue to grow.


 Last announcements! Our Women Empowerment Series continues Tuesday, October 5th. In our upcoming blog we will be featuring an empowering woman: Terry Watson. We are very excited to share Terry’s story and to have had the opportunity to interview her. Catch you all in our next one!

 Enjoy the photos from the party here, and we can’t wait to host the next one! 




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♬ Kiss Me More (feat. SZA) - Doja Cat


Thank you again ladies for taking the time to join us and support us! -Liz Watson

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